BA go budget on baggage

At least you can always rely on BA not to charge you for checked in luggage – and you might even get a hard croissant and a cup of cold tea in the price of your ticket. But now BA are going all Ryanair on our asses, with plans to introduce a charge for baggage in the hold.

BA check in

Their new hand baggage fares begin on September 24th, offering a £10 discount on flights to Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam and Stockholm. So effectively, you’re paying a tenner extra to check in baggage.

The airline are already operating the hand baggage fares on short haul flights from Gatwick, and apparently it’s proving popular.

BA's head of short haul, Robin Glover-Faure said: ‘The hand-baggage-only fare at Gatwick has proved very popular with our customers so we’re now introducing it on a selected number of short-haul routes from Heathrow and London City. If it proves as successful, we plan to roll it out across the whole short-haul network in the coming months.’

Passengers who have already booked tickets will get the full baggage allowance, but after the end of the month, it looks like it’s all downhill from here.

If they get rid of those croissants, there’ll be hell to pay...


  • KTF
    I dont know what BA flight you have been on but they have never served croissants as part of the in flight service (in Y anyway). It tends to be biscuits or a non-nut based snack bag depending on what drink you have. Anyway, I digress, 'save money' or 'pay more'. Its amazing the different reaction you can generate depending what spin you put on it.
  • Noghar
    Of course before very long the £10 discount will disappear and the prices will creep up to what they were, with an extra £10 charge for bringing a bag. To complete the insult to our intelligence they should throw in that old line about how they are doing it 'in order to enhance our service to customers'.
  • Thomas L.
    BA, like all airlines are cutting costs. Yesterday, I flew back from Oslo to London. I had a full fare business class ticket. When I got to the airport in Oslo, the earlier flight was a) delayed, b) it was one I could catch and c) business class was not very full on the earlier flight. Depsite paying business fare - they wanted £89.00 to go on the earlier flight. I declined and spent 4 long hours drinking their gin in the lounge before boarding the later flight.
  • Warwick H.
    screw the customer is the name of the game these days, the greedy tossers are all at it,the holiday companies will jump on the band waggon next, what pisses me off is they try to make it look as though they are doing you a favour, one of the favourites is "It enhances customer experience" Well for me they can stick their customer experience up their arse. I used to fly to London via BA but I use Grand Central trains now, two weeks ago£27.50 return from Sunderland to Kings X with a senior railcard and costs nowt for luggage, OK takes longer but I can enjoy my bottle of £3.99 self supplied Aldi wine and Gregg's pasty on the way.

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