BA cabin crew strikes - the next generation

Bitterwallet - British Airways Dates have just been announced for the next wave of strikes by British Airways cabin crew - the dates are May 18-22, May 24-28, May 30-June 3 and June 5-9.

The strikes will cover the forthcoming bank holiday as well as the school half-term break. Talks are due to begin between the Unite union and BA management on Tuesday.


  • Tom P.
    Not long before they go broke and these union assholes gain p45's for their members.
  • james
    I love Unions and what they stand for - but it's the middle of the recession, people are getting made redundant left right and centre - can't BA sod off? What is it they're fighting for this time?
  • Adebisi
    They already get far too much money for this retards job - walking up and down an isle aisle with far too much make-up on asking people if they want coffee or tea! WTF IS DIS REAL?
  • Henry
    Communists wanting to destroy yet another iconic British brand. They're obviously bored with nothing better to do.
  • james
    Has a workforce ever had less support from the public than the BA crews do at the moment? I despise all of them and will never fly with BA again as I can't take the risk. What a shame.
  • issac h.
    Yeah, strike brother + sisters, especially as BA are already having operational problems due to the Icelandic volcano ash cloud. What a bunch of ash holes.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Strikes like this are time consuming and elaborate to organise. The strikers could make the same impression on and get the same amount of sympathy from the British public by simply crashing one of their planes into a school or hospital.
  • Robert
    The amount of money (in wages) the staff are going to be losing out on, surely is going to be greater then the potential cuts that BA will be making
  • hippy
    who needs cabin crew anyway. We just need some guy/girl to come on the plane show us the standard emergency procedures then get off the plane close the door and let the plane take off. Have little coffee n tea making machines so we can get our own and maybe a little snack bar. What other use do the cabin crew serve? In an emergency they will be as useless as anyone else and will probably just get in the way.
  • Ceri
    Pricks! A trip i've been planing with 10 people is now fucked! Are they obliged to find me a new flight
  • FUCK E.
    Ceri, no they are not but they might try. All of the flights from LCY and LGW are flighting and a lot of the ones from LHR.
  • Nobby
    Try finding a decent airline to fly with. The likes of RyanAir and EasyJet are good in this sense. Fuck the unions and fly, or support them and stay put.
  • Erdilo
    I have booked my flight approx 10 month ago and thoroughly organised and planned a holiday with 7 friends. I paid for further flight bookings, car rental, hotel reservations and now BA cabin crew is screwing the whole lot. BA said that the flight schedule will be announced 4 days before the original flight and therefore didn't give me a refund. I hope BA goes bust and the crew jobless. Greedy bastards. Never ever BA again.

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