BA aiming for 2010 merger with Threshers. No, not Threshers, Iberia.

Bitterwallet - British Airways In 1978, Ipswich Town signed two Dutch midfielders, Frans Thijssen and Arnold Muhren. The floodgates were opened, foreign players subsequently flooded English football and the game was never the same again. In fact, it got considerably better.

In 2010, British Airways and Spain’s Iberia airline are hoping to merge, with BA taking a majority 55% share in the new company and Iberia holding the rest. The merger will have to be approved by the European Commission. But will it change traditional British commercial aviation forever? The only difference we envisage is that travellers to Spain will be able to get sombreros and straw donkeys for their outbound flight as well as their return one.

BA’s head honcho ‘Papa’ Willie Walsh trilled: “The merger will create a strong European airline well able to compete in the 21st Century. Both airlines will retain their brands and heritage while achieving significant synergies as a combined force.” Note the use of the word ‘synergies’ there.  Excellent stuff. The synergy should be effortless as both airlines are making losses and are involved in bitter disputes with their staff, with strike action imminent.


  • Gunn
    So take 2 money losing companies and stick them together to make a profitable business.... I really don't understand business. Is this not just a way to get rid of staff?
  • FrequentFlyer
    It's just another airline takeover/merger and has been on the cards for about 2 years. It's not the first and it won't be the last. Sure, they both employ to many people.
  • NobbyB
    @Gunn, of course they want to get rid of staff. They make a loss due to too many staff. They combine a lot of their admin. So they need less staff. So they save money overall.

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