BA accused of letting a 13 year old boy wander off by himself

Here's a thing that never happens to normal people - the British guardian of a 13 year old Russian public schoolboy has accused British Airways of letting him wander around Heathrow unaccompanied - even though his parents had paid £60 for the BA chaperone service.


Nikolay Gorashenko flew from Moscow to London alone to attend private school in Herfordshire, but when he arrived at Heathrow he apparently sent some confused texts to his British guardian - an actor called Richard Cordery - saying he was lost.

But when his guardian complained, a staff member allegedly accused the boy of being ‘a teenage tearaway.’ BA also said that they had made an announcement that all unaccompanied children should wait for ground staff to meet them, but Nikolay had decided to go off on his own. It eventually took staff 45 minutes to find him.

The not-at-all dramatic Mr Cordery, who sounds like the luvviest luvvie of all, said: ‘I then headed to the office that deals with the accompanied flights, a tawdry, miserable affair, and told them, ‘There's been a terrible mistake, little Nikolay has got off the plane and there's nobody with him. Then a woman, who I was not talking to at the time, said, ‘Teenage tearaways, what can you do about that?’, which I thought was a disgraceful response.’

BA are investigating the claim, while everyone else slowly shakes their heads and says ‘WTF? Why don't you send your kid to school in the SAME COUNTRY AS YOU?'

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  • Big M.
    ....and told them, 'We've gone on holiday by mistake. We're in this cottage here. Are you the farmer?' And some little Ruskie's proper fucked off so he has........'

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