BA-AAARGH! Plane makes 2 emergency landings in 24 hours

Puking. Crying. A five hour sit-in protest against bad customer service. Yes, it’s not been a good couple of days for British Airways - or the poor sods who found themselves fearing for their lives TWICE thanks to a fault on a plane from Saudi Arabia to London.

BA jumbo landing at YVR

The stricken jet was due to set off from Riyadh on Wednesday, but after a five hour delay and 40 minutes in the air, the wing flaps got stuck and it was forced to dump fuel over the desert and make a terrifying return for the runway. Screaming, panic, and vomit ensued.

Passengers were summoned back to the airport at 3am for round two, and when the plane finally departed at 8.45am on Thursday, it all happened again.

To add to the mental torture, only one member of BA staff was on hand to deal with the increasingly angry and traumatised passengers, so 70 passengers staged a sit-in protest on the plane, fights broke out, and the military got involved. YIKES.

‘We were furious they put us back up in the plane when they knew there was a serious problem. BA customer relations have been useless.’ Said passenger Dean Jones.

The plane finally set off, and is due to land in London at 12.30 today, where you can bet there’ll be some ‘interesting scenes.’

BA say they will make the ‘appropriate amends’ - but this time, complimentary tickets aren't going to cut it. They're also going to have to throw in 2 years of therapy for post traumatic stress disorder and lots of new pairs of pants.


  • fibbingarchie
    There's nothing worse than sticky flaps.
  • kv
    makes Ryanair look like saints
  • Anonymoooos
    Seems I left BA at the right time then ;)

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