Auschwitz add showers for visitors to use - cue outrage

1 September 2015

When Auschwitz is mentioned, a number of bleak images spring to mind, not least, the thought of Hitler killing huge numbers of Jews in those infamous showers.

So, with that, Poland is having a bit of a heatwave at the moment and the people who run Auschwitz have decided to help visitors cool down with showers, which of course, could well be a bit tasteless if you've got even the vaguest knowledge of what happened there.


People can stand under the showers and get a fine mist of water over themselves, to cool down in the former concentration camp. Presumably, when things get cold, the Auschwitz management will provide people with ovens to climb into, eh? Or maybe they'll serve mouldy bread with a thin, meatless soup in the canteen for patrons?

Anyway, The Krakow Post reported that visitors have been fainting thanks to the heat, so installed the showers to help everyone cope with temperatures that have reached around 40 degrees Celsius.

Of course, the powers that be were just trying to be nice and do something useful for those visiting, but you'd think that the people who run a site where millions of people were killed might be a bit more sensitive wouldn't you?


  • Rocknrolla
    Oh come on, this was on purpose. -_-0
  • oldgit
    Whats the alternative then, kill off the tourists with heat exhaustion?

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