Asda's going underground

20 November 2013

As a reward for sitting in a packed tin can and moving like a sluggish turd through the bowels of London every day, city commuters may soon be able to pick up their shopping at the tube station. Asda are currently talking to Transport for London to install click and collect points at 6 underground station car parks - with a plan to add 1000 more if the scheme takes off.

East Finchley Sign

So you can order your food before noon, and pick it up from 4pm the same day, without having to walk really far with a bunch of bags.

Asda said: ‘Customers in the South East tell us that they want the prices and quality provided by Asda value but they can’t access it easily. This tie-up with TfL solves that. We’ve led the way in click-and-collect by bringing Asda to where customers are rather than expecting them to come to us.’

Click and collect will be available at East Finchley, Harrow and Wealdstone, Highgate, High Barnet, Epping and Stanmore.

But while this is very modern and convenient, there are couple of issues here. What will become of the local shops, who sell you Koka noodles and blue WKD for an extortionate price? Also, why can’t it be a decent supermarket, like Waitrose?


  • spyro
    This is quite a good idea but how many car parking spaces will these units take up ?
  • myrtle
    Why is Asda not a decent supermarket Lucy? Waitrose are overpriced, with poor variety, and inhabited only by idiotic snobs with more money than sense, as far as I can tell. Guess you must be one of them.
  • hotmail r.
    @myrtle - ASDA is a shit hole.
  • hotmail r.
    Oh, and in the spirit of bitterwallet commenters - I'd like to get in your shit hole Lucy!
  • Lucy S.
    Oh hotmail ruuuuules, you're so hot and male! You rule! You can get in my shit hole any day ;)
  • hotmail r.
    *2 minutes and some huffing and puffing later* Thanks Lucy, that was ace!, see you again next article!
  • Reader
    I concur, Asda is a smelly shit hole.

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