Are you drunk? Cameras can tell you now

hilarious-drunk-man Want to know if you're drunk? Well, if you've just sank a load of booze, chances are, you're drunk. Indeed, you know you're drunk if someone politely asks you if you're drunk and you reply "No, I'm fine." The only people who say they're fine after being asked that, are usually seconds away from being upside down in a hedge.

That's not good enough for Japan though. Over at a station, 46 have been installed in a bid to stop accidents from happening. That's because they'll be able to detect if you're drunk or not. They won't stop you being absolutely blootered or anything.

These cameras at Kyobashi station in Osaka, are programmed to scan passengers for signs of being hammered, and if you are, they will alert an attendant.

A spokesperson for West Japan Railway said examples of pissedness can included "remaining on the platform for an extended time for no apparent reason, and sleeping on benches". Sounds like they're going after the homeless to us. Feel free to add your own 'same difference' into the equation.

This has all come about after a report from the Japanese government showed that there were 221 cases of passengers being hit by trains in 2013, and 60% of those people were drunk. Getting stuck into that Asahi without having any tea, no doubt.

If they install these cameras in the UK, they might blow up through overuse.

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