Apple users ride the Tube for free next week

london underground tube You might think that people who own Apple products have too much money as it is, so you might be annoyed that they're getting a treat next week, as they'll be able to ride on the London Underground for free.

You may remember that Mastercard winked and nudged Apple customers, by saying that they could travel for free if they used Apple Pay.

This was all part of their "Fare Free Mondays" promotion, which is coming back - the trial obviously went well. So, if you've got an Apple Watch, or an iPhone 6 (onward), you will be able to travel on the London Underground and on TfL buses for free for the next three Mondays.

If you have an Android phone, with similar contactless payment abilities, hard cheese. Don't shoot the messenger, as we didn't make these promotions up.

Anyway, if this sounds like something you could use, you have to have a Mastercard added to your Apple Pay Wallet on your iOS device. If you do, all you need to do is tap in (and out) with your gadget on February 29th, March 7th and March 14th, and you won't be charged anything for your journey.

Handy, for some.

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