Another crash landing for airlines - BMI cuts jobs, cuts routes

Bitterwallet - routes and jobs cut at BMIAnother day, another major airline struggling to stay afloat. This time it's the turn of BMI - Heathrow's second largest operator behind British Airways, and employer of over 4,400 people. There's another restructuring scheme underway to stem losses as the industry continues to bleed money, which is likely to lead to 600 staff losing their jobs.

BMI has already warned that it needs the best part of £200 million if it's to continue operating in the future, following losses of £155 million last year and expected losses of up £200 million this year.

As well as the job losses (which follow recent cuts by bmibaby), BMI will also put an end to several loss-leading routes; flights from Heathrow to Brussels, Tel Aviv, Kiev and Aleppo will end in January, while its Amsterdam route will close in March and flights to Palma and Vienna will not be restarted in the summer.

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  • Nobby
    Another day, another major airline struggling to stay afloat. So if they crash in the sea, they sink?
  • Gunn
    Well rocketman has failed to convice the masses that flying yourself on holiday is the future, specially if you can't swim
  • zeddy
    Nobby. You'll be sorry when it's Ryanair or nowt.
  • Al
    While they do some god routes round the UK, if you look at their longer haul route map you can tell why they're having issues. They have about 12 international routes which include holiday destinations such as Beirut, Iran and Sierra Leone (only Cairo is one I might consider for my holiday). Still, they're owned by Lufthansa who should hopefully bring some German efficiency and no nonsense fiscal sense to the airline.
  • Callum
    Apparently Beirut is a major tourist destination now. I'd like to go at some point. It would also be interesting to go and visit Sierra Leone.
  • wesley H.
    Lip O'Leary Be Aware be very AWARE

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