Allocated seating now a thing at Ryanair

Bitterwallet - Ryanair turns universe upside down Ryanair, who are trying to go all cuddly and pally of late, have announced that they're going to move to have fully allocated seating on all of their flights, which is a relief for those who hate the mad dash and scramble of the previous system.

This will happen from February 2014 and it has all come about after everyone gave Michael O'Leary dog's abuse in a Q&A on Twitter recently.

The company said in a statement: "This return to allocated seating is Ryanair’s response to the enormous demand from our customers in recent weeks via Ryanair’s 'Tell MOL' customer feedback initiative. Ryanair’s decision to launch fully allocated seating is also part of the airline’s commitment to listen to its customers."

The company are wise to listen to customers, after years of chest beating and swaggering around like a crap Britpop singer. Profits haven't been as strong as they'd hoped. This softly-softly approach comes on the back of the company's first profit warning in a decade.

Shares in Ryanair were also down more than 11% today as investors turned their backs on airline stock. If they're not playing ball, it seems O'Leary has realised that he'll have to be nice to us all. Once profits are up, he'll be back to his old ways, but in the interim, we should enjoy what's being tossed our way.


  • DragonChris
    Next weeks news - Ryanair charging an arm and a leg for the privledge. On the plus side, it's refreshing to see they actually took consumer feedback onboard and did something about it.
  • Lewis B.
    How much will he charge for this?!
  • Her L.
    Only idiots pay to reserve seats or scramble to the front of the queue. Take your time, sit in the departure lounge until the last fucker has gone through the gate and then you can waltz onto the plane and play seat pot-luck where you can impose your manly body odour on some poor sap for the flight between Luton and Alicante, whilst watching porn on your cheap Tesco tablet. If travelling with your other half or with children then BONUS! This is your chance for some peace and quiet for three hours. Let someone else get nagged or have to babysit your screaming offspring.
  • Dick
    They'll do free allocated seating - they will just allocate it so that they fill up seats B and E first (the middle ones that make you sit next to two other people) and if two of you book in one transaction, they'll give you seats in rows 6 and 27.
  • fibbingarchie
    Nice 12% drop in Ryanair's share price this AM.

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