All aboard the Swedish skirt train


Men love wearing skirts (just look at the entire male population of Scotland) and will engineer every opportunity to wear them. Stag nights, ceilidhs, in the house late at night when the wife’s out – and who could blame them for wanting to feel a nice breeze on their gussets?

Now in Sweden, a group of 13 train drivers on the Stockholm Roslagsbanen line have decided to wear skirts - because train company Arriva have banned shorts. In summer, it can get up to 35 degrees on the Roslagsbanen line -which is a song that Johnny Cash sadly never got round to writing – so the beleaguered employees have found a practical, yet feminine solution. And why not?

It’s a company rule that staff should look ‘stylish and neat’, and rail spokesman Thomas Hedenius said that he couldn’t do anything about the skirts if they were using them to keep cool. The 13 drivers are unrepentant, and will put up with a little ridicule to ensure their boys get a good airing in the hot weather.

‘Of course people stare at you a little when you are on the platform,’ said driver Martin Akersten, ‘but you just have to put up with it.’

OR you could accessorize them with heels and clutch bag. Because you know, it’s very warm, and you’ll need somewhere to put your cooling Clinique facial mist. I mean, can of musky man deodorant.


  • Dick
    They should wear 3/4 length trousers (which are short longs not long shorts) and have extra large turn-ups. Or just take their trousers off. Boxers can be stylish and neat, especially if you change them every couple of days in hot weather.
  • Sweaty J.
    I find the gross generalisations about the Scots to be racist. Lucy usual...
  • Yog S.
    Does anyone actually believe 'Lucy' is real? Let alone a woman.
  • chewbaccaaa
    Fucking stereotypical pish as usual. From cunts who can't tell the difference between "floor" and "ground". The fucking morons.

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