All aboard on Qatar for you and your falcons...

If you've been hoping to take your falcon/falcons away on a nice holiday this summer but have been wondering if airlines will let him/her/them fly, it seems that Qatar Airlines is the one you want. Here's a snippet from their 'Transporting Animals' page...

Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 14.31.31

Bon voyage to both/all of you! Send us a postcard!


  • Sicknote
    Those crazy Arabs eh......who'd have thought that falconry would ever become a sport of kings and the oil-super-rich.
  • Mike H.
    I heard the Arabs liked their birds in black hoods and chained by the leg to the floor. Didn't think this is what they meant though? Plus, I thought they ate dogs? Or is that what they mean by service dogs?
  • chadwell
    I flew Qatar a couple of times and not once did I see a falcon. Granted I had a black hood over my head at the time, so I didn't see much.
  • Martin
    I think Ryanair allow some passengers to bring their own lice on board. I don't think there is a limit on the number per flight.
  • chadwell
    @Martin - not true, a passenger with lice was recently prevented from boarding a Ryanair flight, because he didn't have a 'Licence'.
  • dvdj10
    @chadwell - Go home!
  • Bazinga
    What meal are they provided with? Do they require a seat? These are among many questions I have that they've not attempted to answer.
  • Eric E.
    I once managed to sneak a fox onto an easy jet flight. It was stuck to my cock so I just covered it with my coat. Result.
  • Mary H.
    That's wrong chadwell. They take up to much 'over-head-storage'.
  • magpie m.
    You are all butter cunts.
  • zax
    Mike Hock, no you muppet, they dont eat dogs. Imagine being in a flight from LHR - DOHA for 6 hours with 6 falcons screeching throughout the flight. ..... aaaaaa
  • Sicknote
    @zax Guessing by your comments, you've seen a falcon on an aircraft - mind you, you're probably down in cattle class when the birds are upstairs with their well paid handlers in first class.
  • Michael S.
    Nothing new here - always have been permitted on Qatar Airways, and on Saudi Airlines they are permitted in all classes - otherwise you would have to get your servant to carry it in Economy... last saw a falcon on the way into Dammam, probably the best behaved creature on the plane.

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