Airspace across Northern UK to reopen tomorrow

Woot! The BBC is reporting that airspace above Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England is due to reopen tomorrow morning. The air traffic control body, Nats is stating that airspace south to a line 'between Teesside and Blackpool' will reopen from 7am. Nats is also saying restrictions to airspace above the rest of England and Wales could be lifted later on Tuesday.

In a statement, Nats stated:

"The volcanic eruption has reduced and the volcano is not currently emitting ash to altitudes that will affect the UK. Assuming there are no further significant ash emissions, we are now looking at a continuously improving situation. This is a dynamic and changing situation and is therefore difficult to forecast beyond 0700 local."



  • andy y.
    Teesside......the new Heathrow.
  • dacouch
    Just when life was starting to return to normal for the people in Norfolk for the first time in nearly a century now that regular sightings of "the big scary metal dragons in the sky" had suddenly stopped
  • Nobby
    I hate Iceland.
  • F. F.
    @dacouch - PMSL, they'll be back for St. Georges Day. I'll be waiting at Norwich airport on my horse.
  • Bob
    Can you imagine the pressure NATS are under to lift the no fly restrictions? Not only from the airlines but also the EU governments. The worlds in a right mess as it is, All they need is this crisis, Going to be very costly, Especially now the airlines are going to ask the Governments for compensation. Who's going to be paying for it in the end? You got it, The taxpayer.
  • hippy
    i saw we dont pay em, let em get run into the ground! was afterall a act of god!
  • Ben
    @dacouch Norfolk has an international airport, i'm sure they know what the big metal dragons in the sky are. You'd hope, anyhow...
  • RTB
    Whats the difference between the Icelandic volcano and Cheryl Cole? Iceland#'s volcano is still blowing ash.

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