Airport IT glitch causes punch ups

There’s nothing more invigorating than a fist fight with some airport officials is there? Well, a few ‘scenes’ broke out last night after a technical hitch took out the border control computers at all UK airports.
border control

At Gatwick, queues stretched for ‘miles’ and there was a smattering of violence as frustrated passengers were forced to stand around in the arrivals hall for hours on end. Apparently there were pregnant women in ‘clear distress’, and passengers furiously tweeted bitchy comments at airlines, but to no avail.

At Heathrow, there was chaos too, as the arrivals hall was transformed into a holding pen for sweaty, tired travellers.

Over at Luton, there were ‘scuffles.’ Airport staff tried to keep everybody under control and standing upright by giving them water, but that didn’t stop some rather overly dramatic passengers tweeting ‘Hundreds of people stuck in the heat! NEED WATER!’ (Yeah, calm down, love – it’s an airport, not bloody Laurence of Arabia - go to the TOILET).

The queues started to build around 2pm yesterday, with officials having to abandon the computer system and manually type in passenger details by hand.

A spokesman from Border Control said at the time: ‘We are currently experiencing temporary IT problems which may add to the time taken to conduct passport checks. We are working to rectify this issue and are providing extra staff to get passengers through the controls as quickly as possible. Our priority remains security of the border.’

But while waiting in arrivals for up to 4 hours is nobody’s idea of fun, where's the Blitz spirit and the impromptu games of football with the Germans?

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