Airlines and graphic designers sometimes mix, not always

Kulula is a South African airline who wanted their airline's livery to stand out, so they combined the Dummy's Guide to Aviation with bright green - voila! Not only does the new look provide passengers with a checklist to ensure nothing important has fallen off the aircraft, but even the location of the black box is identified, saving time and resources in the case of a major air disaster:

Bitterwallet - Kulula Airlines

Turkish Airlines could learn a thing or two from Kuwala's eye-catching makeover, who also let graphic designers loose on their fleet. Instead of fancy new livery or a nice logo, however, they inadvertently created a new type of aircraft:

Bitterwallet - Turkish Airlines

[PSFK] and [Photoshop Disasters]


  • Gary G.
    I really dont see the relevance of the second photo..... ive spent the past 15 mis staring at it thinking there might be a couple shagging in the cockpit or something, but no. Nothing. Can anybody help. PS the link takes to some swedish spaeking website.
  • Amanda H.
    I still say they should print a pretty picture all over the plane. A Rembrandt, DaVinci or Neil Buchanan. As a crash investigator, it would make my job so much better if I had a nice picture to recreate.
  • Amanda H.
    I think the captain might be doing a wheelie for the picture.
  • Matthew
    I think the "new type of aircraft" might be referring to the way the plane in the 2nd picture doesn't have any wheels at the front to support it. Although it could be 'mid-takeoff' and therefore the wheels might have already gone back in. Am I close?
  • Anon
    Think it may even be more than that...reckon they have inserted a section in that front part (Notice the two front doors) when they happened to chop off the front undercarriage. Don't think there is a plane with that long a front section before the wings....
  • Mr T.
    Obviously we from Turkish Airline load all the fat Bastards first and put them to the back of the plane where they belong, with the rest of the smelly pigs! HA! The front of the plane is for skinny beautiful people of which we have many in Turkey :) Our plane therefore require no front wheels at all ! HA! we will teach you westeners one day, but you are all fat smelly piggies :p
  • Nobby
    The second is clearly photoshopped. Look at the nose.
  • Phil M.
    ANA pisses over these with their pokemon planes!
  • The B.
    Is the second one a transformer? Does it pick that big nosed bird up and smash her into a bloodied pulp? If not why not?
  • james d.
    its not swedish, it's german
  • John
    The link for the second photo takes you to a website in German, not Swedish, and comments on her scarf. If anyone's interested.
  • Papa S.
    Riveting stuff indeed... This blog is absolute shite.
  • The U.
    @ Papa Shango Piss off back to the coffin i left you in 10 years ago.
  • Amanda H.
    Who is Papa Shango? A Chinese Smurf?
  • Bobster
    I was confused. Th viagra reference was that the plane didn't have a front wheel where it should have.
  • Ryanair B.
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