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Bitterwallet - Airline ReviewsYou've vented on Facebook, whined on about it on Twitter, and pissed and moaned to anyone else who'll listen down the pub. For whatever reason, a bad experience with an airline is guaranteed to cause the red mist to descend.

We've just discovered, and our desire to rant in despair means it's probably going to do well. It's a recently launched website with a very simple proposition - it lets you rate and review the service you received on a recent flight. It's a TripAdvisor for airlines, and could in time prove a useful tool when deciding who to give your hard-earned cash to.

It's early days, and there are a couple of tiny issues - some reviews appear to mark airlines down because of a negative experience dealt by the airport - but the results of this aggregation are already interesting. Emirates is proving to be the favourite airline of reviewers; even Ryanair has plenty of loyal supporters, although predictably there are a few who take issue:

Not a pleasant experience. Michael O'Leary is a truly intolerable man and my experience of his airline just reinforces this widely held view.


  • Phil76
    Might want to double-check the link in the article
  • SgtMunky
    How do we know the airlines and tipped off customers aren't going to give overly positive reviews, as with the hotel web site?
  • Dick
    Some people are very thick ... ----- After hanging around for ages in Bergamo airport - a place with suspiciously little furniture - we finally decided that we would give up standing in the boarding queue as our flight should have actually departed 20 minutes ago! We found an uncomfortable area of floor and waited for the announcement as to when, or indeed if, our flight was ever going to take off. : : Finally, 45 minutes after our scheduled departure time, a Ryanair employee turned up. She did not mention the fact that the flight was delayed at all, in fact she just called forward the 'special' people who could afford to pay extra to board first. These were the ones who had been sitting on the few available chairs at the gate - they obviously knew something we didn't! I really thought a fight was going to kick off at this point as the rest of the passengers stared daggers at the ones who sauntered through to get there boarding pass and passports checked. Submitted By: Jackie Kelly ----- So Jackie managed to leave the queue to find some uncomfortable floor to sit on. Maybe if you had looked down you would have found some floor. Then you complain as other people that had paid to board first were allowed to board first? WTF. Stupid cow.

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