Airline to offer beds to couples in economy class

Flying is ok if you like that sort of thing, but it's not as good as sleeping. So wouldn't it be fantastical if you could fly and sleep at the same time? And not prop-your-head-against-a-bulkhead sleep, but lie-flat-like-in-bed sleep. Why, it'd be voodoo, I tells ya, and Air New Zealand are doing just that, by introducing beds into economy class flights.

Well, that's not the term they're using. The press will call them beds, but Air New Zealand are sticking with the term Skycouch - effectively, a footrest comes level with the height of the seat across all three seats in a row. This works out fairly expensive if you're by yourself since you need to book all three seats to take advantage of it, but couple are welcome to cuddle up - no yankee doodle allowed.

Whether it'll be a success depends on your tolerance for sleeping across seats that are meant to be sat on - anybody who's tried it on an empty flight will know it's far from the most comfortable night's kip, but then you're usually too tired to care. The Skycouch seats go on sale from April and will be introduced on London/Los Angeles/Auckland flights from the end of the year.


  • Lumoruk
    AHHHH that does my head in when people put the seats back....AHHHH
  • Nobby
    Why would anyone want to sleep on a plane? And miss 24 hours of constant film watching on a tiny screen?
  • Gunn
    All those people looked far too fresh, have you seen how rough people look after a 20 hour flight. is it really a bed? you need to be quite thin
  • Mark M.
    it'd do the job for me... beer beer beer pass out... M
  • Tom P.
    "no yankee doodle allowed" Bound to be lots of funny business going on.
  • Johnie M.
    Eh? Doesnt this rather depend on who's sat next to you. Cant see a stranger allowing me to drop clogs and use him/her as footstool whilst I catch some zzzz's.
  • spong
    20 hour flight you forgot to mention the 9 hours waiting to get on the bloody plane first
  • zeddy
    Fucksake! They even nipped out to get a McDonalds for the bird. Now that is service! What!? No sauce? Are you British Airways?
  • Paul S.
    @Johnie - the point is that if there's two of you, you book all three seats. As the boss pointed out, not only does it attract sales but it means the aircraft carries less weight per seat - but I guess that depends on how much more weight the footrests create.
  • Ten B.
    [...] airline that is offering beds instead of seats in economy class – but there’s a ban on the yankee [...]
  • Nobby
    I'm too tight for me and the misses to book three seats. Anyone up for a milehigh threesome?
  • Idon'twantanyofthoseThankyou!
    Yeah! but check out the cabin crew!

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