Airline Fat Tax rears its ugly bottom again...

eatingYou remember a little while ago how that annoying Irish* airline owner was thinking of introducing a fat tax to charge the overweight more for their seat on a plane? At the time, said airline suggested that 30% of the people they asked were in favour of a charge, which is roughly the same proportion of people in the UK who are not classed as overweight**.

However, a new survey from has reposed the question and found that the balance may be tipping in favour of a fat flight tax. 48% of respondents said they were now in favour of the tax, and over half (51%) of men questioned think a fat tax is fair.

Some proponents of the charge think it should be based on weight, as additional weight will require more fuel, thereby costing the airlines more to cover the same distance. Poor lambs. Others, however, suggest that the tax should only be levied on people who cannot fit into the airline seat without trespassing on their neighbour’s seating region. While the former could be regulated by requiring passengers to stand on a large set of speak-your-weight scales, the latter could prove even more amusing by watching people trying to squish themselves into a seat shaped size gauge. Or not. Might need to have a couple of spares and some Vaseline handy in case of wedging.

James Lewis, Head of Online Partnerships at, said: “The world is getting fatter - and this is becoming a big issue. Being an overweight passenger affects your travelling companions, physically and financially. If we have to pay extra for excess baggage, it's only fair that we pay extra for excessive body weight.

“Sitting next to a large person on a plane can sometimes reduce the space that you have to relax, so maybe airlines should offer some of the revenue from the additional ticket cost to the person sitting next to the fat person too."

So, given that Bitterwallet reads are all lithe, toned males, what do you think about it all? Should we have a blanket weight tax or a size tax? Or should the skinny idiots who thought up this whole idea just naff off and be forcefed biscuits?

* he’s not necessarily annoying because he’s Irish, but he is annoying and he is Irish. Bit like Michael Flatley.

** in 2009 the estimated proportion was 39.9%, and we are getting fatter.


  • Wonky H.
    I have never seen such a run of stories on this site without any comments on them...
  • Wonky H.
    Do you think it looks like that person in the picture is eating a Coffin Pie or a penis ?
  • Dai
    @WonkyHenry if yours looks like that you might want to find a good doctor.
  • SgtMunky
    Makes me feel ill, seeing a fatty that is so obese that their eyes look like they are receding, and their arms are so flabby it looks like there are layers upon layers of fat drooped along the arm
  • Trainer C.
    So if you went all inclusive it'd cost you more to come back?
  • James D.
    We all know of Wonkey's rabid cock from his fox frisking fascination.
  • Kevin
    A lot of the time you'd be able to see when someone is so big that it would be an issue. And they should know as well and put their hands up to it.
  • James H.
    Are we still talking about cocks?
  • James p.
    Put your hands up ?
  • James B.
    Your arse
  • Jessy J.
    I'm loving cocks.
  • James b.
    I see penis everywhere me.
  • James B.
    Lick my stick
  • James B.
    That's very unlucky. I see many many things, but I think it would be unfortunate to spot penis everywhere.
  • James H.
    Spotted Dick?
  • James K.
    Where No Man Has Gone Before?
  • James C.
    Bloody hell, this has all gone a bit pear-shaped! Why is everyone picking on this story! Anyway, being a chunky unit myself, I don't think this is a very good idea.
  • Spencer
    Fat tax already exists. It's called premium. I'm 6ft 6 and broad built, a healthy weight for me is about 16 stone. An ideal weight for me would be about 13 stone - and I'd just look stupid. Truth be told though, I'm just bigger. To me, it's worth the extra £150 to go premium for the leg room, the comfort, the extra luggage better food... and best of all... I dont have to sit next to some shitty twat in scum-class whining away because he's lost 2 inches of elbow room.
  • James J.
    Chances are that anyone sitting next to you would lose 2 inches of elbow to your burgeoning rolls of flab, you cardiovascular shambles!
  • Pearly S.
    Piss off Joyce and Finnegans Wake was crap.
  • James B.
    Pearly, the only thing you use a book for is wiping your arse. Go hunker down and fuck yourself, your race is almost run.
  • zax
    Can't believe how people are excessively fat in this day and age. Don't these fattie lard tubs not look at themselves in the mirror? These piles of fat should be deported to Africa.
  • Loads m.
    One has never been on Ryan Air, and one does not experience such issues of lard asses in first class. However one does find it most unpleasant when sitting next to little miss fatty from the bun shop when at the opera or theater. One finds they will let any toe-rag in nowadays, with no regard to fattiness, social behavior skills or personal hygiene. One finds it most regrettable.
  • kv
    it would be the smell of such fatties that would be more of a concern to me
  • Alphonse G.
    I agree that the best way of doing this is by measuring a combined weight + baggage. As a very obese man I have decided to implement this idea by only taking a thong with me on holiday next week ... t-shirts or shorts would weight too much. I look forward to smacking you in the head with my sweaty moobs in a nightclub next week.
  • Frank P.
    All fatties should be forced to go for liposuction and have the fat sucked out. It could then be sold to airlines and used to fuel planes. Fatties are now skinny so no fatty excess tax, and the ex-fatties get cash towards their next plane ticket. Its a win win situation.
  • The B.
    RyanAir can do what they like, I wouldn't ever fly with them again, awful company, awful passengers.
  • Phuck Y.
    I suggest they drag the fat cnuts behind the plane.
  • Dick
    Why can't they just make all the people with fat squeeze over sit in the same row(s)? It would be fun whacking the one in the aisle seat and seeing the fat wave travelling back and forth. And they should also have a row for indians, or preferably one of those cabinets like they have for smokers in some German airports.
  • Phuck Y.
    Some bitch wanted to swap seats with me on a flight to Dubai, she had a door seat, I'm lanky, I was sat next to her mum. But then after all the moving, I found she'd been clever and sat me infront of a row of phucking arabs all coughing their phucking lungs up, and not a phucking hand infront of the face' in sight. Phucking wangers.
  • James C.
    Next time you should fly UPPER CLASS. It's AMAZING. Like ME!
  • Rick G.
    I really think this is a ridiculous demeaning debate. Airlines will just take an average weight of a plane and divide by the amount of passengers as makes sense. They shouldn't charge fat people more while giving anorexics and dwarves a discount.
  • The P.
    You Brits are so fat and ugly, rancid little humans, unlike our clientèle who are the most beautiful, thin, attractive human beings on the face of the planet.

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