Airline ancillary charges - research reveals bleeding obvious

Which? has been snooping around the websites of the budget airlines, and you'll never guess what they found. It turns out that two airlines are charging eczema sufferers a mandatory cleaning fee for shedding their skin in the cabin.  No, not really - it's more obvious than that. The consumer folk discovered that baggage fees and credit card booking charges can increase the cost of a flight by nearly 30 per cent.

The number one villain for pumping up the prices was Ryanair, which added over 29 per cent - £50 - to a flight to Malaga from the East Midlands booked for February when a bag was checked in and a credit card used. Which? then booked in with bmibaby and the price of their flight to Paris increased by a quarter, while a flight to Malaga increased by 23 per cent.

Budget airlines battle over ancilliary charges(artist's impression)

EasyJet was the hero of the piece for consistently offering the lowest luggage and credit card charges out of the four airlines checked, although the additional charges still added 17 per cent to two of the flights checked by the consumer bods.

Of course, while it pains us to stick up for the budget airlines in any way, plenty of people booking short-haul flights to Europe are taking short city breaks and will never require a case to be booked into the hold. Racking up the ancillary revenue through credit card charges on the other hand - that's an outrageous practise that few other retailers would ever get away with.

[The Guardian]


  • Bob
    It just seems to be that the Airline's mentioned just like to screw the ass of as much people as it's possible to do so, Surely some fucker can stop these thievin dimwits, The whole travel industry have been at this shite for many many years, Funny how smaller retailers and much larger ones like the Dsg group can cope with these cost's that are passed on to them isnt it?
  • Michael
    The problem is that DSGi (and every other retailer) will wrap up the costs to every customer, rather than letting customers pick and choose which aspects of the service they want. If you go into DSGi, pick something off the shelf and pay in cash and put the item in your pocket, you are still paying the same (ie subsidising) somebody who goes in, uses up 20 minutes of sales assistants time and pays with a cheque or credit card and takes a carrier bag. As far as budget air travel is concerned, I don't want to "pay" for a case when I aren't taking one. Let those who want to take a case pay for it, rather than sharing the cost with those who don't.
  • Wibble
    Michael, you forgot about the savvy consumer who orders it online, uses a dodgy discount code, goes via Quidco and then gets free delivery....
  • blagga
    Artists' impressions such as these are after my own heart. Paul, you should be proud of yourself.
  • Miro
    Credit card charges are by far a lot worse... If you book more than one person on a flight with WizzAir, despite the fact you are paying for all the fares at once, you are charged a credit card booking fee per person! So, 6 people flying, 6 credit card booking fees... does not matter that you pay only once! Oh, and if you take a close look at your WizzAir receipt, you can see a £7 tax called a 'facility charge'. They charge you for using their facilities... and the only ones i can think of is actually the toilet!

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