Air watchdog reveals complaints increase over budget prices

Here’s a message to all of you who regularly bitch and moan about your awful experiences with Ryanair and other similarly crappy airlines who stiff you with added charges that they seem to pull out of the air like a deranged giant plucking an eagle out of the sky for a snack.

The message is ‘start complaining to the Air Transport Users Council instead.’ Well, keep complaining here too, because we enjoy reading it.

The aforementioned AUC have just announced an 11% increase in the number of passenger moans and gripes they’ve received over the past year – and more and more of those moans and gripes are about more and more add-on charges as the ‘budget’ airlines gradually plump up their profits.

Tina Tietjen, the council's chairman, revealed that the increase in complaints was in spite of the introduction of new legislation that is designed to enhance the rights of passengers.

She said: "We received an increase in complaints about the extra charges airlines have introduced for services previously included in the fare. This has brought benefits to passengers in terms of potentially cheaper fares for those that don't need to use these services.”

"But many passengers who contacted us were concerned that they were often not getting value for money for what they were paying for these services."

The AUC are the official sky-based watchdog for the UK so if you want your voice to be heard by someone with the power to make a difference, bookmark their website right next to this one.


  • andy
    top tip: take bin-bags and tape with you if you're going on a ryanair flight. they charge you £20 per bag you check in with a £15 per kilo over 15kg surcharge... so if you're 2 or more kilos over just stick all the excess in a bin-bag, tape it the hell up, and check it in as another bag - saved us a fortune last week seeing as we were 7 kilos over!
  • mario
    ...or buy some scales
  • Mark
    Andy, maybe just weigh your bags before you leave home? Dunno, it just seems easier eh?
  • Nobby
    Or just take the excess out and wear it / shove it in your pockets. Coats with big pockets are very useful for avoiding excess baggage.
  • andy
    alright geniuses not all of us are sober enough to pack our bags in good time; nobody likes a show-off

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