Air wars continue! Ryanair says sorry to easyJet's Sir Stelios

Ryanair is certainly testing the addage 'all PR is good PR' to the limit this week; the day after the Advertising Standards Agency ruled against the budget airline for adverts likely to mislead consumers, Ryanair have now been forced to apologise to easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou for accusing him of lying.

Stelios brought proceedings in the High Court after Ryanair published adverts in the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph earlier in the year, suggesting it was Sir Stelios deliberately hiding the figures from the public. Before the case reached court, however, Ryanair agreed to pay undisclosed damages and also for apologies to be printed in today's Guardian and Telegraph.

Bitterwallet - Ryanair say sorry to Stelios

Not only did Ryanair seemingly spend as little money as possible on designing the ad, but Sky Marshall O'Leary couldn't resist the opportunity to have another pop:

"Both Michael O'Leary and Ryanair accept that Sir Stelios is not responsible for the non-publication of easyJet's in-time statistics for the past 52 weeks and that he is not in any way responsible for easyJet's management's continuing failure to publish weekly details of their on-time stats."

Not to worry, because Stelios took the opportunity to verbally punch the Sky Marshal square in the balls:

"It's not very often that someone as arrogant and as powerful as O'Leary is forced to apologise to someone else in public and in writing. I took this legal action to protect my reputation. I am not a liar and that statement was libellous. I would like to dedicate this little victory to all those members of the travelling public who have suffered verbal abuse and hidden extras at the hands of O'Leary."


  • The B.
    What is it with Greek surnames? It's like a bad round of Countdown: I'll have a vowel and a vowel and a vowel and a vowel and a consonant and a vowel and a vowel and a vowel and a consonant and a vowel and a vowel and a vowel and a consonant and a vowel and a vowel.
  • Rob
    Stelios WIN. Ryan Air's little jobe was rubbish. The only reason that they are the 'World's most ontime airline' is because they leave give a landing time of just before the eta of a 1987 ford fiesta 1.1l making the same journey.
  • Ten B.
    [...] wars continue! Ryanair says sorry to easyJet’s Sir [...]

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