A room with a stew - DIY room service for the frugal-at-heart

You've just booked up your uber-cheap hotel room from Lastminute.com. Now - to dinner! We once had a discussion in the office about what you could realistically cook using standard hotel amenities; here, George Egg attempts to find out. We wouldn't suggest stuffing a kettle full of beans or stir-fry, but pasta seems to be perfectly acceptable:

To be honest, while it's good to know you can sack off the extortionate room service prices and still eat well, you already know you'd make do with a Ginster's pasty and a Snickers. You simply couldn't be arsed, and neither could we.



  • Pizza_D_Action
    Did he just eat a raw egg in his pasta?!?! Eurgh!!
  • Nobby
    Well that explains the inside of the kettle in the hotel I was in last week.
  • The B.
    Things to remember: Someone's probably done their bird on that bathroom counter and I guarnatee she was 50 years old and a munter. More than likely someone else has done something "wrong" with that kettle, I'm thinking piss but there are others. The iron, lets just say that I wouldn't trust other people ironing their "dirty" clothes.
  • The B.
  • fu m.
    the heat from the pasta will cook the egg. but at the same time... seriously using the hot water tap to make food? i'd only do that if i had seen with my own beady eye that it was from a system that didn't have a water tank... you can get all sorts of crap in there. and for the amount he paid for those ingredients to make one meal you may as well have bought their crap anyway

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