80,000 chumps up for standing on Ryanair flights

Oh well. Despite the concept of standing on short-haul flights been largely ridiculed by right-minded people and those that prefer their femurs not to be shattered on landing, it seems the majority of us would prefer to save a few quid instead.

A fortnight ago, Ryanair seized the opportunity to inflame the headlines with talk of proposals to allow passengers to stand on certain routes, in order to cram more human livestock on board. A poll was launched on the Ryanair website asking passengers if they'd consider letting their legs absorb the impact of a poor landing rather than their fatty arses on a cushioned seat.

Ryanair asked the question:

Do you think passengers should have a choice of standing on short flights as they currently do on trains, buses and underground transport?

And being the tight-fisted bunch we are, 60% replied yes. Ryanair claim over 120,000 passengers completed the poll (although it was open to anyone to complete, not just passengers) meaning that over 80,000 people supported standing room on some European flights. Unsurprisingly the number replying yes increased to 66% when asked if they would stand for flights less than one hour in length if it meant paying no fee. If Sky Marshall O'Leary is genuinely considering this, he's clearly worked out the average residual revenue from passengers flying free still makes it worth his while.

Ryanair Sky-Admiral Stephen McNamara jauntily whistled:

"We are pleased that 60% of participants in our online poll agree that people should be given the choice to travel fare free on short flights by standing if they want to. With 120,000 passengers voting and 80,000 saying they would stand on board Ryanair will continue to explore the concept of ‘fare free standing’ flights with Boeing and the relevant aviation authorities in the US and EU.”

The EU will hopefully see sense and laugh them out of Brussels, realising as most folks do, that trains, buses and underground transport doesn't travel through the air at several hundred miles an hour and experience turbulence or slamming into tarmac a little too hard.


  • Dave S.
    How much is this really going to save you? £2? Or is it going to be a case of you pay more for seating? FUCKING WANKERS!
  • Nobby
    I wonder how many other fees the ballast will have to pay before they are allowed on to the plane.
  • Ben
    I know everyone is slating this for its absolutely stupidity, but it could actually be a revolutionary new way to travel. What do people want? They want to go on holiday. How do they want to do it? Comfortably. How do they want to do it if they save money in these hard up days? By standing up. However, if Ryanair really want to make the most of this they need to be putting people on the wings. It is nigh on guaranteed people would risk certain death to travel free. We're not tight, we will just sacrifice anything, including personal safety, to save a bit.
  • Tony
    travel for free - but pay a quid to have a piss. Ryanair really are the biggest pile of shite. O'Leary is currently crying about the government putting up the APD, he should have more than enough spare cash to buy some tissues, with all the rip off fees that they add on top of the 'alleged' fares. Good luck to those that have tried them and like them - personally - wouldn't touch this outfit with someone elses....
  • dude
    I'm too tall (Over 6'5") to fit comfortably into the sardine seats they have - my knees are jammed into the seat in front and my head is too tall for the head rest, this seams like a better option to me! and If i didnt have to pay for it all the better really... I dont travel with Ryanair because I like it and I use the (free) loo in the airport. Nuff said.
  • Mike
    Aleast youll save money for standing, its not always an option to sit on the train and you still have to pay full price.
  • Mike L.
    Bet you that the price for a standing place stays as it would be now, and Ryanair start charging a fiver to sit down.
  • Fiyero
    How much to travel in the cargo hold?
  • Edandron
    ...not as much as in the Glider being towed by the 737 to Alicante!

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