5 year freeze on train tickets?

david cameron government Now, in Making Loads Of Promises You'll Not Keep But You Need To Say Something In The Lead Up To A General Election news, David Cameron has promised that, if the Tories regain control of the country, rail fares will be frozen in real terms for 5 years.

The PM reckons that by extending the Retail Price Index inflation cap on regulated ticket prices until 2020, that'll save us lot £400. That's if you commute by train. If you drive to work, you can whistle.

This of course, is a response to Labour's continued attacks on the coalition about the cost of living, and that most people in the UK aren't benefiting from the economic recovery.

Cameron says: "The cost of commuting is one of the biggest household bills that hardworking families face and it is something we are determined to bear down on. It shouldn't just be taken for granted that people across the country who get up early and come home late, spend a large amount of the money they earn travelling to and from work."

"Because of the difficult decisions that we have taken to repair the economy, we have been able to hold down commuter fares for the past two years."

"If elected in May, we would freeze them in real terms for the next five."

However, the delightfully named Mick Cash, leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, isn't having it: "This latest stunt would still mean annual fare increases that would institutionalise the harsh reality that the British passenger pays the highest fares in Europe to travel on rammed out and unreliable trains."

"The only solution is to end the rip off of rail privatisation which would allow us to free up the hundreds of millions of pounds drained off in profits to invest in services and cut fares."

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