5 travel sites worth checking before you travel

If you haven't booked up for your Summer holiday yet, here's a few off-beat travel site suggestions that are worth a peek to find a bargain or dodge a bullet:

A decent way to get advice up-front before you reach a destination, Travelistic has hundreds of videos covering dozens of destinations. There are how-to and transport guides, top tips and tourist information videos, and most of them look pretty professional, so don't expect too many fanboy-cut mash-ups.

If want a peek around a hotel before you book, see if there's footage of it at Tripr.tv. This site used to be reminiscent of the Lynn-Faulds Wood era of Watchdog, featuring videos of hotels taken by previous guests, documenting their various states of disrepair/inadequate toilet plumbing/infestation. Now it appears to have been astroturfed with reviews from the hotels themselves, but it's still worth searching to see if yours is featured - in any case you'll know what to expect for your money before you book.

Travel Etiquette
Because every country on the planet doesn't serve egg and chips, and because everyone you meet won't respond to you slowly shouting basic English at them, there's Travel Etiquette. It'll come as no shock that the French "may seem very direct and brusque in the way in which they speak" or that you should "dress well and conduct yourself with a degree of quiet confidence" in Italy. But there are plenty of nuances and tips for ensuring you don't receive a punch in the mouth while a Brit abroad.

No apologies for banging on about Twitter yet again, because it's simply one of the quickest ways to spot cheap deals, pumped out directly by the companies themselves. Some travel companies to follow right now include jet2.com, United Airlines and Expedia, but you should also follow the likes of Wendy Perrin, Consumer News Editor for Conde Naste Traveler. Perrin is one of the most savvy travel writers in the business, and CN Traveler has a strict policy of not accepting or promoting third party trips, so her recommendations are made without financial bias.

Best Flights
We recommended this Australian website last week, because it keeps an eye on over 75 budget airlines around the world, and keeps users up-to-date with any special offers they're promoting. The user-interface beyond the initial price checking front page is a little lame, but if your travels are guided by deals then it's a great way to see what prices are available around the world.


  • Will
    I always check TripAdvisor for the best hotels, restaurants and stuff to do. Most of the user-generated reviews and tips are pretty helpful.
  • Diane
    Trip advisor is also a favourite of mine
  • acecatcher3
    i quite fancy gettin away for a week just before i go to uni, any places ppl could recommend that arent just going to clubs everynight typed of holidays?
  • coffin d.
    ace, go to amsterdam and fuk lady boyz and dirty hooowers whilst whacked out on pot :). it'll be a good intro to uni life :)
  • Nobby
    acecatcher3 - try eastbourne - loads of granny minge.
  • coffin d.
    Posted by Nobby | July 22nd, 2009 at 2:50 pm acecatcher3 - try eastbourne ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cock n bum fun too :oops: if that's ya thang
  • Mary f.
    paul you missed out a good site http://www.travelsupermarket.com/

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