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Bitterwallet - ferry good dealsTish and pish to Icelandic volcanoes and their continuing ruination of Blighty's way of life. If the dual-blow of grounded flights and the upcoming Lost finale are causing palpitations about being trapped forever on this island, here are three ferry special offers (a little nautical humour for you, there) from the pages of Hot UK Deals:

Need to visit the Isle of Wight? Of course you do. If you don't, imagine it's just like Hydra Island in Lost, or Isla Sorna in The Lost World. Exciting, huh? So thank goodness Red Funnel are offering half-price Red Jet Hi-Speed weekend day-return fares until 30 May, which means a day-return from as little as £6.30 per adult. Sail the seven seas, pretend to be searching for space-time anomalies/dinosaurs/whatever. Up to you.

Amsterdam is famous for drugs, tits and tuppence, which is why Bitterwallet is opening a office there in September. If only we were already based there, you'd be able to come and visit for just £35! DFDS Seaways have 2-for-1 deals available, which means a two night mini-cruise to Amsterdam from Newcastle is your from just £35 per person, based on four sharing. As with all these types of ferry journeys, take your own food to avoid paying extravagant on-board prices.

Finally, TravelZoo has rounded up special offers from several other ferry operators and travel companies, including a two night mini-cruise to Santander in Spain from £75 and ferry crossings to Ireland (including the car) with over a third off. Smashing.

(a brimful of Asha to HUKD members Sminky01, amibees and Benji CC)


  • Nobby
    You don't need to pretend to be searching for space-time anomalies/dinosaurs/whatever. You can search for mutants. And it is very easy to find them. All the residents of the Isle of Wight are mutants, since they are so fucking inbred. Most of the males there regularly shag their own mother / sister (that is one person, not two). It's like Norfolk, only more concentrated. Fortunately it is surrounded by the Solent, which does help a bit containing them so they don't escape to the mainland, although they do occasionally manage to stowaway on a ferry.
  • Tom P.
    Any deals on a cruise to Iceland to see the volcano with the difficult to spell name?
  • Mike H.
    You know the Isle of Wight well, Nobby? Red Funnel? Are they taking the piss? Sounds like a topical cream...
  • The B.
    I tried to go to the Isle of Man once (just curious) and they wouldn't let me in citing I was some sort of mutant for having opposable thumbs.
  • Spark
    Why are you opening a Dutch office?
  • Wonky H.
    Foxes were originally introduced to the IOW around 1845. Badgers as well.
  • Wonky H.
    Yes, quarter to seven.
  • Ten B.
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