£25K for a German's electric bike? Who won the war, anyway?

Just what does the future of transport look like? An air-powered motorcycle? A solar-powered pyramid car? A jetpack that means strapping two fans to your back? No, it's a bicycle. And a motorcycle. Sort of. Admittedly, it's one that goes 50 miles an hour, but it's a bicycle nevertheless.

The E-Rockit is powered by an electric motor, the speed of which is controlled by the rate of pedalling. Watch the video is see the two-wheel gestalt entity in action and an interview with its inventor, a very camp German who can't believe how insanely funny his own voice is:

So you keep fit, the planet stays green and you get piss wet when the weather turns bad - all for £25,000 a pop. That's the future folks. It's as grim as a Tuesday night out in Doncaster.



  • > H.
    That you power by pedalling? Doesn't that defeat the object? And surely, you are required to provide the bike with more effort to create this electricity than you would a regular bike you can obtain from Halfords for £50?, pfft, ze Germans...
  • Giles
    Seems to not actually be powered by cycling - it's powered by a motor - the unique thing is the throttle which is controlled by pedalling. I like.
  • jon j.
  • dude
  • Luke
    I'm intrigued; with what looks like a single gear I hope it is just as easy to pedal around somewhere hilly (where I live) as it is on the flat like in the video. Pricey yes but it's a superb idea. Take note China and make one for a hundreth of the price please :D
  • Tom P.
    After careful consideration, i'm out

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