1 in 3 passengers don't get a seat on a train

overcrowded trainDespite the fact that the cost of train fares are going up, the chances of you actually getting a seat on one is getting slimmer. In a new survey from Which!, overcrowding was one of the biggest causes of complaints, and in 5,542 journeys, 29 per cent of passengers said that they'd been forced to stand during travel. 37 per cent noticed all the seats were taken on their train.

Also getting a kicking was the value for money you don't get and service best described as 'erratic'. One customer described the trains as ‘cattle carts’ while others chided the state of repair, cleanliness and frequency of service.

However, because we're not unreasonable people in the UK, we did manage to praise staff, mainly because we know that it really isn't their fault and that their bosses and politicians are the villains in all this.

Remarkably, the London Overground was seen to be the most improved commuter company with 45 per cent saying it had got better (however, 21 per cent think it's got worse).

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  • Tim
    £26 for a half hour trip into London (£20 off-peak), 100% guaranteed to have to stand on a weekday morning train. %90 at weekend. All the trains my way are filled up long before they get to me. They will be delayed, be shorter than they should be, and a miserable experience guaranteed. Parking near the station this end, £8 for the day. And as for the tube! Central London, just walk (wouldn't suggest bike - lethal!) Makes driving in no different, if not cheaper even with the congestion charge and parking charges in town. Great incentives to cut congestion and pollution - over priced and crap public transport.
  • Michael H.
    Mainly because people have too much social anxiety to sit next to other people, or are to frightened to ask people to move their bags. Come on, have a sit down, I don't bite.
  • Mike
    Southwest trains to Southampton and Winchester are always really busy and super expensive (£120 a week). They are pretty full, but it is always the people who arrive for the train 2 or 3 minutes before it leaves who complain they can't sit down. If you are going to complain just get the next one (30 mins wait). Also, its the only train where noone dares leave their bag on a seat. The main problem is that everyone wants to get the same train, (the one that leaves 5-6 o'clock) so how can you get everyone on it? There isn't anyway to make infinite capacity. If you leave early or leave late its much easier to get a seat. However, some of the shorter trains trips are a bit more understandable, these are always rammed, but everyone moans but noone comes up with a solution. So here is one, I would like to have individual trains, you just get on and then it goes where you need following the rail lines. Super.
  • Boris
    The London Undergroud has improved massively. I went on last week and got to drive. Toot-toot! Vote Boris!
  • Boris
    What!? There are overground trains in London? I really think I should have been told this much sooner. I will investigate and bring my magic touch so they improve just as much as the underground ones have under my guidance. Vote Boris - better the devil you know.
  • Head
    Try going on the central line! I had to use it last week around 6pm. Feral kids were robbing people on the way out of the trains and running amok
  • Boris
    They were not feral kids. It's my new way of increasing fare revenue by dynamic collection processing. We get 30% of the collection.
  • Sicknote
    People never sit next to me on my daily commute from Southampton to London. Mind you, I do dribble, shout and talk loudly about how many fat & ugly people there are on the train. Heaven for me.
  • thefunboi
    Let Michael O'Leary run the whole lot. Still makes me laugh how people cry and complain all the time about Ryanair and budget airlines, yet you always get a seat, travel the same distance for a lot less, and even get a miserable cow offering you drinks at a ridiculous overpriced markup whilst sat in your seat. Compare that to train travel - No seat - costs a flaming fortune often more than a flight to mainlaind Spain - nobody serves you hot food or drink at your seat (well, you could walk to the shop part I suppose and have an equally miserable cow there too!)
  • Virgin
    You can have a reserved seat on a train and save a shed load of cash of you book in advance just like you do on Ryanair. It's not rocket science.
  • Mike H.
    That's because, 1 in 3 people are obesse. If you stand, you will use more energy, you fat CUNT!

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