ZX Spectrum Vega on sale next week!

17 August 2015

zx-vega-controller_660 We have been blorting on about the rejigged Spectrum - called the ZX Spectrum Vega - for a while now.

Well, it is out next week on Monday 24th August, if you're in the mood to buy one.

Naturally, there's loads of emulators you can use online, but this is for the die-hard and dedicated. The console has been developed by Sir Clive Sinclair, and since it appeared on IndieGoGo, it raised over £150k.

It'll be built in Britain too, which is obviously something that Clive Sinclair is very keen on.

So, in case you missed the chat about this, the Vega will fit the processing power of the original ZX Spectrum and over 1,000 games inside it. Not bad at all. If you want more games, then there's a MicroSD card slot so you can get more on there.

One wonderful thing for Speccy nerds, is that this new console will allow you to program and create your own games, just like in the olden days, which revolutionised gaming for everyone.

How much to go back in time and play all these? Well, it'll set you back £99.99. Find out more here.


  • Henry C.
    A hundred quid?!?!? lololololololololololololol
  • jim
    i want to buy this but there is no list of games and seen complaints on their forums about compatability with downloaded games also its a lot of money. undecided now.
  • Steve
    Why no full keyboard? I'd have fucking jumped at this if it had one.

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