ZX Spectrum fans! Good news of sorts!

7 February 2011

spectrumThe ZX Spectrum will be 30 years old in 2012 and so, to celebrate this, Brit games developer Elite Systems are relaunching the fine, but incredibly noisy machine.

Elite, who brought us classic games like Paperboy and converted the classic Chuckie Egg onto the iPhone and gearing up to allow fans of block graphics and z-bit noise to get our kicks again.

While there is nothing being said about the relaunch, it is suspected that Elite will bring out a bluetooth keyboard which will retain the original design of a Spectrum - rubber keyboard and all - which will rig up to your TV or something.

As such, it'll be like an emulator that you can find online, but a bit posher. It's all very well playing them online, but really, nothing quite beats the thrill of screaming at your television while punching a dog to death on Saboteur.

If Elite get this right with execution and price, it'll be a must-have for retro gamers.


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  • Nob
    Is it really 30 years since sinclair invented the words CYAN and MAGENTA.
  • Brad
    Cant wait to play Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and never completed it as its almost impossible to beat!
  • Boris
    Ah yes! Lather the keyboard in Vaseline; clench a golf ball in one hand and get ready for vigorous low friction action! A friend discovered this 'technique' for Daley Thompson's Decathlon. He did the 100 m in under 2 seconds. WOrked wonders for his pole vault too.
  • Tim
    Meh, I have the real thing and in the original box. Still works fine too. Got old tapes copied to CDs and just hook it up to get the real-time game loading experience. Also likewise the old ZX81. Can't beat a bit of 3D Monster Maze playing on my 40" LCD :) http://bit.ly/i0sJyO
  • Rich
    Saboteur mission failure!
  • Pedant
    Ah the days of taping down keys for cheats are back. Nice one Elite!
  • Jet B.
    [...] Of course, you can already play the game on your computer, along with hundreds of others at the seminal ZXSpectrum.net site, pausing only to leaf through some old issues of the seminal Spectrum-flavoured Crash magazine, now available online. Or perhaps you’ll wait for the mooted console relaunch. [...]

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