Zapp gets the go ahead

12 September 2013

Shoppers will able to pay by phone next year as British stores embrace the power of Zapp. The app, which will launch in 2014, is designed to work with online accounts from all the major high street banks, and you’ll even be able to use it in Lidl.


Zapp has entered into a partnership with Worldpay, which makes the chip and pin machines for everywhere ever, so it’s officially going to be the next big thing.

Here’s a reminder of how it works. A code is sent to your phone at the checkout which shows what you’re buying and what you’ll pay. Then you log into your online bank account and complete the transaction with one finger tap.

Easy? Well, we hope so. At the moment, some banking customers can’t get into their online accounts without a little calculator card reader and 20 minutes of free time. However, Zapp say the whole thing takes 12 seconds from start to finish.

Even so, it might be prudent to expect some teething troubles. Like loads of confused customers standing at the till waving their phones about and trying to log on to a Barclays app that's wants to know their mother’s maiden name and then crashes...

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  • LL J.
    12 seconds? Fuck off, I can pay by chip and pin in 12 seconds!

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