YouView launches remote app for customers

26 June 2013

YouView-logo YouView has launched a free app for Android devices today which will allow users to record TV shows remotely from their tablets and phones.

The app gives you listings for over 70 channels, as well as a cool 'now and next' function. The best bit is the recording function which means, should you be in the pub or something, you can record your favourite show from afar.

And you can connect five devices too, if you have a couple of tablets and more than one phone in the house.

The Youview App is free to download from Google Play Store from today, and is already available for iPhones and iPads.

"We've had a great start and we're delighted to have received such a positive response from consumers. We're already the fastest growing TV service in the UK and now we can see that translating into viewing," said Youview CEO Richard Halton.

(If you rearrange the words in this story you can make an exciting erotic poem featuring Wayne Rooney and Joan Collins - GO!)

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    All but one line of that was copied exactly from their press release, wasn't it?

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