YouTube to start charging to watch videos

7 May 2013

youtube_logo You may have been enjoying YouTube for a number of years, only irritated by pre-video adverts and Charlie biting some wimp's finger. Well, prepare yourself to be irritated by charges.

That's right - YouTube users will probably have to pay to watch videos which means more awful fan videos, more torrenting or indeed, a spike in traffic for MetaCafe who don't seem to ever want to apply copyright law to their work.

So what exactly is going to cost you money?

It'll apply itself as a subscription to dedicated channels, so access to a single channel will cost around £1.28 per month, most likely focusing on exclusive video channels, TV catch-up and films.

A source revealed the channels would show archived content or exclusive previews and clips, not that many will be wanting to take YouTube up on the offer as there are more deserving subscriptions to be paid elsewhere.

What do you reckon? Needless rip-off or absolute non-event?


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  • Sicknote
    Great idea; making money from user generated content. I mean, it's not like other sites like HUKD make money from user generated content....
  • Noghar
    'Exclusive video channels, TV catch-up and films'. So, commercial stuff then, not the user-generated stuff most of us go there for. That will still be plastered with ads, I assume. Bit of a non-event really. Personally, I'd sign up to Netflix for proper TV shows etc, but I wouldn't bother my arse paying for 'previews and clips' on YouTube. I doubt I'm atypical either, which means that YouTube may suddenly find that giving stuff away and selling it are two entirely different propositions.
  • Simon
    Following on from Noghar's comment, if they do start charging for user generated content shouldn't that mean the author gets a cut of the profits? Or do we have to sign over all ownership rights like a certain well known photo hosting service?
  • jiggle
    @simon you can do exactly that, if you generate over a certain amount of views then you can get a cut of ad revenue
  • Kevin
    MIGHT charge Simon: Look at the terms and conditions you have already agreed to when signing up (as you have to to upload). Even breaking the law by putting up someone elses, for example music gig ends up with them telling you off but keeping it there, albeit with adverts that the copyright holder gets the money from.
  • Jack
    What a stupid article from Bitterwallet, a poorly written and researched article based on a miniscule poorly researched and written article from The Mirror. Give yourself a hand there. This is talking about premium channels, not videos of cats spinning plates, standing on an elephants belly.

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