YouTube to go multi-angle?

5 February 2015

youtube YouTube are messing around with their format, experimenting with the idea of multi-angle videos for you to muck about with.

If you're the kind of person who likes to upload videos, or indeed, are a band that likes new technology, then YouTube are looking at ways where you can upload multiple camera angles for your films. When viewers watch your wares, they'll be able to flick between various angles, which is nice and interactive.

Dirty buggers will be hoping for upskirt shots no doubt.

Initially, it'll only be available on the desktop version and is being tested in the USofA, but you can have a go on it right now, as there's a video for an artist called Madilyn Bailey which is up, where you can choose between four angles, while she sings and a man with a bumbag shouts too much.

It doesn't look too pretty at the moment, looking like a normal YouTube video with four clunky thumbnails at the side of it. It is very straightforward though - you click play and then you hit the thumbnails to look at the different sides of a young singer's head.

That said, this feature could be really very good if you're watching a full concert or sporting event or some such. Smarter people will come up with all manner of things that should keep us entertained with it, no question.

YouTube spokesperson Matt McLernon said: "We want to give artists as many ways to connect with their fans as possible, and this experimental feature brings fans even further into creating the experience they want."

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