YouTube responsible for copyright infringement

youtube-logoUh-oh! YouTube have been told in a court-of-law that they are indeed responsible for copyright-infringing videos that are uploaded to their platform. This could be a massive problem for Google couldn't it?

At the weekend, the Hamburg regional court ruled in favour of GEMA, the German rights collection society, in a lawsuit that focused on 12 example videos which had been uploaded without the permission of the copyright holders.

Currently, YouTube only take down videos when someone has notified them that copyright has been infringed. The court ruled that YouTube must now add digital fingerprints to all the videos uploaded and that it also had to install a word filter to pick up copyright-infringing videos.

"We reached our primary goal one hundred percent, to have the court confirm that YouTube is fundamentally responsible for videos posted by users," GEMA chairman Harald Heker said in a statement. "YouTube must implement appropriate measures to protect our repertoire and cannot simply pass on this obligation to the copyright holders. This is an important victory for us."

Google, who own YouTube, can still appeal the verdict and they probably will because they've got a terrifying amount of money behind them. Meanwhile, all the major label German bands will all disappear from YouTube again. What a shame.


  • Kevin
    Ah they'll just block anything from those companies and let the fans using YouTube vent their fury at those companies while they are appealing the judgement.
  • SgtMunky
    Youtube should prevent access from German then whilst they are appealing.
  • Northern M.
    When will the greedy bastard record companies learn! Social media pushes publicity for their artists for free but they want paying for it? Fuck em n let em spend millions advertising instead!
  • whatsit t.
    BBC News - 'Internet giant Google has reported a large jump in profits and sales as it announced an effective doubling of its shares. The company said net income in the first quarter was $2.89bn (£1.8bn), up 60% from the same period last year. Google's quarterly revenues also exceeded $10bn, with more than half of that coming from outside the US' 'nuff said...
  • Zleet
    Simply isn't feasible for YouTube to police all videos. What is it about German courts and bat shit crazy judgments when it comes to technology. Wasn't it Germany who decided Apple somehow had the patent on square touchscreen devices and blocked Samsung?
  • Frank P.
    Hope that includes blocking all Hasselhoff videos. The cheesy twat what he is.
  • Mary H.
    12 examples? Out of the 'billions'* of videos that are uploaded every single second? Not bad if you ask me. *True
  • Mike H.
    Major German bands? Is this the 12 examples with 10 views between them? And that were the band members?
  • Pedo P.
    Just have some respect Germany! Remember who kicked you ass in the war?!
  • Axis C.
    Oh ya? We won the carpet war. Und it was the Commies that kicked our ass the hardest.

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