YouTube respond to G+ spam debacle

youtube-comment YouTube have finally poked their heads out to talk about the outrage of internet users who have been frustrated by the implementation of the new, Google+ video commenting system.

If you haven't noticed, because you wisely avoid all comments on YouTube videos, the bottom half of YouTube has been flooded with spam, virus links, rude drawings and distasteful language.

On their Creators blog, the YouTube comments team insisted that the new system, which requires you to have a G+ account in order to post, thereby forcing their failing social network down people's necks, had solved a lot of spamming problems. Sadly for them, they also had to admit that it "introduced new opportunities for abuse and shortly after the launch we saw some users taking advantage of them."

As such, there have been some changes including "better recognition of bad links" and has made changes in an attempt to improve the detection of ASCII art (as seen above). They have also had the problem of users posting very lengthy comments (some jokers posted entire Shakespeare plays in the comments).

"We're moving forward with more improvements to help you manage comments on your videos better," YouTube said, promising new tools for bulk moderation of comments, which it admitted was a "long-standing creator request".

What won't be happening, sadly, is a return to the old system (over 200,000 people have signed a petition to asking YouTube to remove the G+ requirement). There's trouble for YouTube and Google, as a number of YouTube's bigger stars have disabled comments on their videos because of this new system, which means advertisers might pull out.


  • Tits M.
    "as a number of YouTube’s bigger stars have disabled comments on their videos because of this new system, which means advertisers might pull out." And that's a... bad thing, right?
  • Marky M.
    Advertisers will go to where the viewers are. Lack of comments by barely-literate dickheads will mean nothing.
  • Marcus R.
    It's unfortunate that so many of the people who talk smack about google and their terrible privacy are still using google products everyday. Why? There are so many privacy-based alternatives out there that don't violate your privacy. Don't be weak. Quit your google habit and wake up to reality. Some of your privacy-based options are: Ravetree, DuckDuckGo, HushMail, and the list goes on. Let's start educating our friends and family about the serious privacy concerns when using google, facebook, etc. and let them know what their options are. This is the big problem, because so many people talk about privacy, but they never offer suggestions on what privacy-based alternatives are available to them.
  • justsayin
    Thanks Marcus!

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