YouTube goes Red, and asks for money

youtube The owners of mucky website RedTube must be popping bottles today, as YouTube has announced a subscription service called YouTube Red. Just think of all those people tapping RedTube into their browsers because they've forgotten what the new YouTube service is called.


Anyway, YouTube has racked up billions of people as an audience, thanks to the free, ad-supported service. Now, it would like you to pay for it. Of course, for a lot of people, the ad-service is just fine and you'll be sticking with that thankyouverymuch. However, there's a lot of kids out there who do nothing but watch YouTube vids - be it from subscribing to wildly popular vloggers or people who do make-up tutorials and such.

Obviously, old people don't understand this at all and will be muttering under their breath about how this is all nonsense. That'd be the same old people who made Noel Edmonds famous, taking a higher ground there.

Some famous YouTubers will be taking their shows behind the paywall, only available on the new YouTube Red subscription service. It'll launch late this month in America and will cost $9.99 per month. You can imagine that there'll be the usual dollar=pound conversion rate, where Brits will have to cough-up £9.99 every month.

If you subscribe to this tier, you'll be able to watch all YouTube videos with no adverts, and you'll be able to download them to your mobile and watch them offline. As well as that, you'll also get Google Play Music thrown in too.

"We believe in the advertising business. 99.9% of the content on YouTube will be free, as it always has been" says chief business officer Robert Kyncl. "The world that all of our advertising partners are used to remains alive and well and [watch time] continues to grow at an astonishing 60% year over year. There is nothing we are taking away from there, merely adding onto it."

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