You're probably not getting the best deal with your mobile, you thundering idiot

25 August 2011

Bitterwallet - mobile phones might or might not give you cancerYou there, with your mobile phone unit and your text messages. You're an idiot being ripped off by your own laziness.

You are. That's because Which! say so, and they know everything. They reckon that nearly 20 million Brits are missing out on savings because they haven't ever switched their mobile provider.

What are you? Some kind of ghoulish festival of nincompoops?

That said, Which! Only questioned 8,001 members of the public. The majority of those said they found switching providers found it rather easy, leaving those of you who can't be bothered changing who you shop with on principle because it looks like a massive faff, looking pretty stupid.

Apparently, 44% of adults haven't ever switched provider, which Which! estimate is around 20 million people.

Tom McLennan from Which? Mobile said: "If you have been with the same mobile provider for years, the chances are you could find a better deal elsewhere. With so many tariffs out there it pays to shop around, either through a comparison site or by checking out what different networks have to offer."

So there you go. Stop treating your mobile phone provider like it's your girlfriend or something. Get them dumped and get yourself a better deal because there's bargains to be had, okay?

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  • Tweedskin
    Which! or Which?? Isn't it Which??
  • tits m.
    Is that Will Smith ?
  • Kevin
    If you are at the end of your contract maybe, if you have 14 months to go it's not like you can just walk away! I came to the end of mine and downgraded with same company and got a better deal than moving to another company.
  • Twitch
    @ Tweedskin: no it's not Which?? I'm sure it's just Which?
  • Plate.Smasher
    I think that you will all find that it is in fact: Bitch?
  • eggy m.
    @tits mcgee I think it's 50 Cent.
  • Tweedskin
    @Twitch? But you are asking a question, so is the question mark part of the brand name "Which?" or were you just closing off the question? Which?
  • Inspector G.
    I'd say its more to do with everyone ever buying iPhones on contracts with 3499854594 minutes and 30589585700 texts.
  • oliverreed
    whoever it is I think he's stolen my phone.....

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