You're about to get an automatic upgrade to Windows 10

windows-10 If you have a PC, then it'll be getting Windows 10 soon, automatically. As of February 8th, the update is going to upgrade your operating system for you, even if your settings say that you'd like to do it manually.

Don't worry though, as this won't cost you anything and isn't a trial version that you'll have to pay for, or turn down at a later date. If you hate the idea of Windows 10, then you've got reason to be annoyed.

Microsoft has said that you'll be getting a notification which will pop-up on your screen, confirming the switch to the newest OS, but that'll only happen once the files have been downloaded already.

Now, if you really, really, really don't want it, then Microsoft say that you'll be able to ditch Windows 10 and revert to your old favourite within 30 days.

Now, Windows 10 is a little bit too keen when it comes to hooveirng up your data, and memorising keystrokes and the like, but no fear! Once you've done the switch over, check out our super-easy way of stopping Microsoft from getting at all your personal stuff, by clicking here.

The response to the new system has been largely positive, so if you've been a bit nervous about it, don't worry. Also, this change isn't going to affect business customers, so you don't have to give your IT team too much of a headache.

Here's a video of some hidden features on Windows 10 that you might like


  • Father J.
    "Microsoft say that you’ll be able to ditch Windows 10 and revert to your old favourite within 30 days." And the rollback will, of course, work seamlessly, leaving your computer exactly as it was before they foisted this shit upon you... yeah, right. *I'll* decide when and if I want a new OS thanks, not some nobheads at Microsoft.
  • LuckyL
    looking forward for my mum's media center being updated. After Media Center is no more, I anticipate that I will have to perform a rollback that will fail and then set up teh machine from goes my weekend
  • Mick T.
    Remove update kb3123862, this is the more aggressive windows 10 updater, just pushed out in the last few days.
  • Jessie J.
    No I'm not.

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