Young people not only have spots but are rubbish at passwords too

passwordDigital privacy and internet security are hot, but criminally dull topics at the moment. And a study has shown some trends concerning people's password habits.

It would appear that baby boomers (the generation that promised so much and gave so little) have the strongest passwords while, surprisingly, tech-gobbling young people are prone to picking weak passwords and are rather haphazard when it comes to protecting themselves online.

This is according to Joseph Bonneau, a researcher at Cambridge University, whose undertook a survey looking at some 70 million people. The over-55s seem to be the best/most paranoid, creating secret letter-number sequences twice as strong as under-25s. Still, the boomers would happily swap it all to avoid menopause or be able to maintain a steady erection.

"There is a general trend towards better password selection with users' age, particularly against online attacks," the IT researcher wrote. Interestingly, further findings showed that those who use German and Korean as their preferred language tended to have the best passwords.

"Passwords have been argued to be ‘secure enough' for the web with users rationally choosing weak passwords of accounts of little importance," he said. "These results may undermine this explanation as user choice does not vary greatly with changing security concerns."


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