You'll have to search to find Google on Microsoft IE8

Bitterwallet reader Zacspeed is mad as hell and he's not going to take it any longer:

"Having downloaded and installed IE8 on hundreds of PCs in the line of my work (PC repairs) it occurred to me just how bloody time consuming and awkward it is to change the default search provider to Google from Bing.
"Microsoft deem it necessary to make us wade through two pages of third rate also-ran shite before you get to the search provider that most people actually want. I ask you, who in their right mind would put One Riots Realtime Web Search in a list before Google? Who the fuck are they? I'll tell you who – they're two ahead of Google on the list. That's who!"

He has a point. The blatant snubbing of Google in favour of search engines that never trouble the public consciousness is admirable. Here's the IE8 gallery from which users can change their default search engine:

Bitterwallet - choosing a search engine on IE8

Bitterwallet - choosing a search engine on IE8... still no GoogleBitterwallet - choosing a search engine on IE8... there's Google!


  • Bob
    If you notice it says sort by: "most viewed"....hence the reason of the order....not a microsoft conspiracy.
  • Grahamh
    or you could just leave it set on Bing and let the clients change it to google??
  • MrRobin
    lol Perhaps it's in response to the fact if you google 'PC Operating System' there's no mention of until page 3 :)
  • Shopdis F.
    What a surprise, a company product promoting it's own company products.
  • Chris
    There's a search box at the top of the page, presumably users know how to use that if they're already looking to change search engines.
  • Zacslow
    Time consuming? It is a 10 seconds job! Stop moaning and find another excuse for your incompetence!
  • jiva
    but what is the little icon in the top right search box? google. unless you already changed it, then these photos are a bit mixed message
  • hank
    Hang on - the image is a bit indistinct but I think they've only given Google 4 stars.
  • Jase
    1. Thanks to Zacspeed for taking the time to upgrade his department...clawing at a web developer's dream one company at a time. 2. Grahamh, most office dwellers are very attached to their current PC set-up; its their comfort zone. The majority will throw a little hissy fit and demand help to restore their settings; most of the time without even trying themselves. It's much easier just to do the work yourself. 3. Shopdis're missing the point. It's fine for a company to promote its own product, the point is that they've purposely ducked their competitor onto a different page...regardless to the fact that Google is much more popular than those listed. 4. Zacslow...give the tech guy some credit. He probably didn't even have to do it, he probably could've sat on his arse 'til 2013 (the date for extended support on IE 6). But no, he went around all the PC's and upgraded. Assume that all the PC's are all directly next to each other, and at the same point to do the switch back...for 100 machines that 10 seconds becomes nearly 17 minutes. 5. Hank. Yes, from what I can see....that is a 4 star for Google and a 5 star for Bing (both with roughly 150 ratings).
  • applesux
    Google is sometimes a plague, Once I was looking for blackberries recipes and up to today they keep showing me ads of the blackberry (mobile).

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