You women are most likely to fall for scams online

10 November 2010

A Professional Woman, this morning
Professional women aged 25-34 are the people most likely to fall for an online scam according to new research published today. While looking into the ways consumers can protect themselves against the perils of internet liars, it transpired that you ladies are the ones most likely to get hoodwinked.

Security experts conducted an experiment involving 2,000+ online consumers, which measured their ability to spot and respond to seven online scam scenarios. This meant they were faced with fake Facebook pages, competition scams and the sale of counterfeit goods and the like.

In six out of the seven tests, the most likely demographic to fail to respond appropriately were women. Of those women who failed, they were most likely to come from the 25-34 age group.

With women spending marginally more time online than men (24.8 hours per month compared to 22.9 hours for blokes), this could be seen as a rather worrying piece of evidence.

Peter Wood, security expert at, who conducted the experiment, said: "Scammers are becoming more devious in how they target victims and are constantly changing their attacks to reflect what people expect to see online or are interested in."

"New tricks like pharming work by redirecting your web browser – that means when you type in a legitimate web address, you're redirected to a bogus site that looks genuine site. People then happily type in their personal details and don't know they're being scammed before it's too late. The popularity of social networks like Facebook also means that many people – young and old – give away far too much personal data on the web, which can be a gold mine for scammers."

Stay vigilant. Don't let women use your laptop.

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  • Mr G.
    As if any ladies read BitterWallet...
  • Paul C.
    I caught mine trying to use a USB as an HDMI the other day after I warned her about shoving a SIM card in the card reader slot. I'm not fussed though, at least this way I know she'll never find my Pierre Woodman collection.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    I knew a woman once. She said she was my mum.
  • Daniel
    WTF? There are no women on the internet...
  • KeithC
    Daneil - I think you'll find that there a plenty of women on the internet - I've seen pictures!
  • a l.
    So to get protected they should undergo a sex change op?
  • Marty M.
    Everyone knows that on the Internet a girl = Guy In Real Life
  • Mark C.
    @Paul - on the bright side, at least she doesn't seem to mind things being shoved in the wrong hole...

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