You want 4G? Tough. You'll have to wait a bit longer

A man using 4G, yesterday

The Government were all set to start auctioning off the spectrum for 4G services, but because they're hugely incompetent boobs, the whole thing has been delayed, which means we'll all have to wait if we want some super duper phone action.

This will see us poor gits in the UK falling even further behind those lucky blighters in the US as we'll have to hang around, staring at our useless phones 'til the second quarter of 2012... at the earliest.

It was expected that Ofcom would be selling off the spectrum this month. Sadly, mobile operators including O2, threatened legal action, which means that the roll out of 4G licenses will be delayed.

The knock-on of this means that the bigger operators can take advantage as they already have excess spectrum which they can use for 4G.

Realistically, we won't be seeing 4G until 2013.



  • The B.
    Ofcom being bullied a mobile operator? Surely some mistake? The Ofcom I know is a fine upstanding bastion of British telecommunications, never siding with Telecoms companies (noen od it's board are ex-executives of and most likely still shareholders), why just look at the way they dealt with... um.... er.... there must something they've done right surely?
  • The B.
    Noen od it's? None of its. Muppet.
  • PokeHerPete
    Tell you what I want, I want to see the magazine competition entries.
  • james D.
    so what they don't have the backend to support the current 3G capabilities, and anyway at current UK data prices you could spend about a grand in a second at 4g speeds
  • Sgt U.
    If they could roll out reliable 3g coverage, I'd be happy with that.
  • Dick
    I'm waiting for 7G. Until then, I'll stick with paper magazines for my porn.

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