You can now have detailed pictures of your privates on coffee!

29 June 2015

ripple coffee Behold! A new machine that can create any image on the foam of your cup of coffee! The Ripple Maker combines the mechanics behind inkjet and 3D printers, so you can have any image on top of your brew. You could have a picture of your dog! You could have an image of Ol' Dirty from the Wu Tang Clan if you wanted!

Lets be honest. Most people are going to draw cocks on it, because that's what all men do when given the chance of defacing something.

Anyway, the image can be put on your coffee in just 10 seconds, using coffee extract stored in 'Ripple Pods'. Again, 'Ripple Pods' sounds like a euphemism for something that men might want to recreate on their frothy beverage.

Of course, things like this aren't cheap. People wanting in, can download an app to send their own photos to the machine, which will then be recreated - but it has a price tag of $999 (£634). In addition to the up-front money, there's also a $75 (£47) monthly subscription fee.

While that is very steep, imagine the advertising you'd get if you're a coffee shop owner, if you have everyone constantly putting your brews all over Instagram. With everyone being crazy for coffee at the moment, this could be a very wise purchase for some boutique/hipster haunt.

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