You can block Google Street View now too

street-map-wee Google have taken down and/or blurred a variety of high profile addresses.

The likes of Fred Goodwin Paul McCartney, Lily Allen and Tony Blair have even gone as far as to have their homes completely blocked on the street where he lives, so you can wander along Street-View-ly, and then a black hole comes up (probably).

The blurring and what-have-you comes a week after the Google legally acknowledged users "right to be forgotten", yet Google Street View is not affected by the new law, but may well have been part of the admin when high profile types decided to erase their past.

People who are keen to blur Street View images of their properties can now report the images to Google, who then decide on whether the image should be altered or removed.

So now, if you're walking around London with Google Glass on, using Street View maps to guide you, and you come across a blurred out house, you should immediately stroll up to the front door, open the letter box, and shout "STREISAND EFFECT!" through it until someone pokes you in the eye.


  • ihateputtingnamesin
    you've been able to do that for fucking years
  • Paula f.
    I did not know your eyes are in your mouth.
  • George C.
    Who on earth is bothered about that no-mark Lily Allen?

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