York gets free WiFi - other cities to follow?

People from York, this morning

York, with it's walls, vikings and cobbled streets, isn't best known for its modernity.

However, the city is to embrace the future a lot quicker than some of its supposedly bigger cousins by becoming a free WiFi zone as it hopes to attract more visitors and businesses.

St Helen’s Square and Coney Street will be the first areas to pilot a free wireless connection, which will be open to any wireless device. The Digital York scheme is part of City of York Council’s Reinvigorate York Initiative.

The trial will go live in November and if deemed successful, it will be rolled out across the entire city (well, within the city walls at least) with public access being around 2.4Ghz.

Council leader James Alexander said this was an “exciting, innovative and dynamic proposal.”

He continued: “Internet access is now an essential part of our everyday working and private lives. Some cities on the continent provide free Wi-Fi access, but very few do in the UK. The Digital York scheme is part of a step change in the ambition we have for the city and we hope that the initial trial will be successful and provide a real boost to local businesses, visitors and shoppers.”

Could we see larger cities following suit? Many places have free WiFi, but are still requiring patrons to ask for a password from businesses before gaining access to Free WiFi. Is this the beginning of Britain finally embracing technology?


  • Phil
    Yes - thats why I visit places - free wifi - actually no i'm lying I just use 3G and go where I want...
  • Yorkie
    You think that by keeping it within the city walls they thought they'd be saving money on a firewall? Goddamn Vikings ain't stealing my interwebs!
  • PMC
    Coming soon: Internet piracy boom in York. Entire city arrested as conspirators to theft.

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