Yet more ganging up on Facebook and all that rubbish

15 January 2010

Facebook eh? Buncha bastards. Founder of the vanity-site Mark Zuckerberg thinks you don't want your privacy... and then there was some unsurprising news about our accounts... and now what?

Well, apparently, Facebook 3.1 (for iPhone and iPod touch) has a problem that's causing a few red cheeks thanks to the new contact picture syncing functionality.

Some guy over at TheiPhoneBlog said:

"Beware of your profile pics, or your boss might get one of you doing something you don’t want them to see! What happens is,

takes [all] the emails and phone numbers on your iPhone and sends them to Facebook. It then cross-checks and syncs them back to your iPhone. That’s a major security flaw right there! It should only sync the ones you’re friends with.

So for an example I have my coworker’s email and cell but I am not her Facebook friend. All of a sudden when I got a call from my coworker I saw a picture of her in a bikini because that was her profile pic!

I’m using Outlook 2010 and it has a new feature called Suggested Contacts where it keeps all your emails you been using. Those sync to my iPhone via exchange 2007. So now I have Facebook profile pics in Outlook 2010 for a bunch of folks that I don’t even really know just because I have emailed them."

Thanks to the number of ridiculous (and sometimes really dodgy) photos people have as their profile pic, there's quite a big chance of embarrassment. Of course, you'll be alright if you're down the pub with your mates and something weird flashes up on your screen... but not so cool if you've got a snide boss who spots something that makes them think you're a lesser human than they'd even anticipated.

So what's the technological advice to spare your blushes? Keep your phone in your pocket... and make sure it's not filling up with filth while it's in there.



  • MayContainNuts
    Why does Apple give an app the ability to take all your contacts and update them? Surely this could allow someone to either delete, update or generally dick about with your contacts without your knowledge??
  • understand i.
    all this does is sync with peoples pics - nothing more - nothing less!! No editing allowed!!
  • jsoap
    I'm not on Facebook, but received an invite last week from someone. Now the strange thing was at the bottom of email was a list of all the people that I might know on Facebook. I think what is happening, is that when users sign up, they turn their contacts list over to Facebook to see who they might know that are already on facebook. Facebook must hang onto this contact list, so they trawl the database to see which users have my email in their contact list. Something doesn't seem quite right about this.
  • Junkyard
    These are the same photos that anyone can see by searching for you on Facebook, or just googling your name. Anyone stupid enough to put embarrassing pictures up in public deserves everything they get.
  • Junkyard
    @ jsoap - that's exactly what happens. The only thing "not right" about it is that anyone is stupid enough to give their webmail password to any third party site, let alone a bunch of advertising whores like Facebook.
  • Nobby
    People with iphones deserve this. People that use facebook deserve this. People with iphones and facebook, deserve it squared.
  • Mark P.
    "It should only sync the ones you’re friends with" Erm, that's what it does do. I only have the profile pics of the people I am friends with on my iphone.
  • Rob B.
    Well this is now void as the app has been updated anyway. I've tried to sync contact, I get 0 profile pics in my contacts even though I get a shortcut to their page so it IS working. Not that I even knew or was bothered about a sync before today!
  • Kevin
    It gives you the choice of doing it or not. Mind you it has reminded me that I should add photos onto my contacts though.

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