Yahoo! want to kill the password as we know it

password Yahoo are looking at killing off the password as you know it. Instead, they're liking the idea of on-demand passwords if you want to login to their services.

Basically, this new service lets you log into a Yahoo account using a short password that is sent to your mobile phone. So, every time you want to get at your Yahoo! mail or whatever, instead of tapping in your password, you'll hit a button which says "send my password". You get it in a text and then you can login with a four-character password.

It all sounds like an almighty faff in the making.

Yahoo executive Dylan Casey said: "This is the first step to eliminating passwords."

Of course, some places already have a two-step authentication process where you enter your password and then get a second one of the phone, but all the really popular sites don't have them for a reason.

You can presumably stay logged-in to your account on your devices at home, but if you repeatedly check your emails at work or away from the house, this sounds like a royal pain in the dick.

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  • jaffacake
    there are still way too many mobile signal dead zones in the uk (world) for this to be practical. I know this, because my home in england is one of them :-(

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