Yahoo! decide to launch app search engine on Android and iPhone

2 February 2012

android_logoOn both iPhones and Android mobiles, the huge amount of apps on offer is both marvelous bewildering.

And so, in an attempt to solve this problem, Yahoo! have stepped into the breach, invariably reminding everyone that they exist at all. They've announced the launch of a new search engine which aims to sort through the 350,000 apps available in Apple's App Store and 200,000 apps from the Android Market.

It's called Yahoo! App Search and it hopes it'll help us dithering dunderheads find the best apps via improved descriptions, price details, ratings and even screenshots for each app.

The search engine will also come with filtering options by platform, price or genre.

Alongside all that, the Yahoo! search engine features separate tabs to help users find Top Trending, Top Free, Top Paid and Most Reviewed apps. A bit like the Android market then.

James Gammon, Yahoo search product marketing manager, explains: "Only Yahoo App Search has both the search technology and is device agnostic so can offer users a choice of both Android and iPhone."


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  • klingelton
    are they suggesting that if we find an app that's only available on iPhone, we need to go buy an iPhone? i don't get how searching for apps across both platforms is supposed to be helpful. it's a little bit "here's what you could have won." Either that or im being ultimately very dumb! (probably the latter)
  • Simon
    Yah-who !
  • Phil76
    So it does precisely what the android market does already (no experience of apples store) with the only advantage being it's guaranteeing to produce irrelevant results? OK....
  • William's s.
    "device agnostic" - so if we ask Yahoo's app search engine if an app exists for Android or iPhone, it will claim that we cannot know with certainty, but would not be able to deny its existence ? I hope the term device agnostic dies out very quickly, when Yahoo shuffles off this mortal coil.

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